Justin Cronin on Light Years – James Salter

"It's like every sentence is a perfect jewel on black filth. As a writer, I have to read that book every year, just to be in the presence of the sentences." Justin Cronin, 54, writer, Texas (USA).

Justin Cronin on his The Passage series

"Just for the record, I called my daughter to answer the question. Her answer is that in her own writing, her brain gives her sad people and she tries to write them to comfort. I like that." Justin Cronin, 54, writer, Texas (USA).

Samuel Bjørk on American psycho – Bret Easton Ellis

"I never read a book that made me so physically interested; my body was somewhat shivering when I read it." Samuel Bjørk, 46, writer, Norway.

Samuel Bjørk on his book The Owl

"The reason why I love this book is simple to explain: I have created characters that I really love, they are like family to me." Samuel Bjørk, 46, writer, Norway.

DBC Pierre on The Memoirs of Casanova

"It is one of the most incredible descriptions of everyday life in the eighteenth century." DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

DBC Pierre on his book Breakfast with the Borgias

"Why I love this book: it says something that I really, really want to say." DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

David Vann on The Medici Boy – John L’Heureux

"His book The Medici Boy, which just came out this year, is --I think-- a masterpiece. I think he is one of our ten best living American writers and this book offers everything." David Vann, 46, author & professor, Tampa Bay, New Zealand.

David Vann on his book Goat mountain

"My father would sometimes let me look through the scope of his hunting rifle, a 300 Magnum, at a poacher hunting illegally on the land. And in the novel, the boy ends up pulling the trigger, which is something I always felt very close to..." David Vann, 46, Author, Tampa Bay, New Zealand.

Kirsty Gunn on her book The Big Music

"It took me seven years to write my book. It took me seven years to find out the answers to these questions. Who was the baby? What was this man's relation to this baby?" Kirsty Gunn, Writer, Edinburgh/London.

Chris Meade on Pippi Longstocking – Astrid Lindgren

"I also have a daughter, who has long, red hair. She identified hugely with Pippi, who, I think, is the best possible role-model that you could have." Chris Meade, 55, writer & director of ifbook, London.

Jonas Jonasson on his book The Centenarian Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared

“It is a feel-good book. And my experience is that people do prefer to feel good. It is a slightly intelligent, very humoristic book.” Jonas Jonasson, full-time father, part-time writer, 50 years old, Gotland, Sweden.

Sarah Winman on her book When God Was A Rabbit

“I wanted to write a lovestory between a brother and sister. That interested me. ” Sarah Winman is actress & author, 47 years old and lives in London.