Frank Witzel on his book Die Erfindung der Roten Armee Fraktion durch einen Teenager

“I turn a realistic idea into a little imaginary, you could say surrealistic, writing.” Frank Witzel, 60, writer, Offenbach (DE).

Ann Marie MacDonald on Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

“Jane Eyre fired my child’s imagination at twelve and it has been an abiding source of literary and personal inspiration to this day.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

Ann-Marie MacDonald on her book Adult Onset

“Answering the question why I love this book is, when it’s with reference to a book I’ve written, is extremely hard.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

Martino Marangoni on his book Alone Together

Martino Marangoni over zijn boek Alone Together

“It is a autobiographical analysis of society in the contemporary world.” Martino Marangoni, 62, photographer, Firenze.

Jacqueline García on her book C6

Jacqueline García on her book C6

“C6 stands for the element carbon, which is one of the main components that enables life as we know it.” Jacqueline García, 57, visual artist & illustrator, Zurich.

Alice Hoffman on her book The Dovekeepers

Alice Hoffman over haar boek De duivenhoudsters

“For me it was an unfolding of the story, a way of finding out how to survive in the world.” Alice Hoffman, 60, author, Boston, USA.

Philip Norman on his book Mick Jagger

Philip Norman over zijn boek Mick Jagger

‘The strange thing about Jagger is that he is not interested in the past. He wants to be cool and in the future. This is Mick Jagger the human.’ Philip Norman, 69, author, London.

Andy Mulligan on his book Trash

Andy Mulligan on his book Trash

“I sat down, I had 2 weeks, and the book just came  tumbling out. It was like laying an egg. It’s a book that came out fully formed.” Andy Mulligan, teacher, London

Shoshi Breiner on her book The Book of Farewell

Shoshi Breiner over haar boek Ira’s bekentenis

“I came across a family that told me that after their father died, they discovered he wrote a little book in which he claimed that 30 years after the war, he killed the guy that gave his family away to the nazis.” Shoshi Breiner, 60, writer, Tel Aviv.