Annegien van Doorn on her book In passing

“Why I loved making this book is because it shows a different perception of our everyday life.” Annegien van Doorn, 33, photographer, Amsterdam.

Owen Sheers over zijn boek Ik zag een man

“I think that in the process of writing a novel, you tend to fall in and out of love with your work a lot.” Owen Sheers, 41, schrijver, dichter, Talgarth (Wales).

Alexandra Heminsley on her book Running like a girl

“You’ve got a running book here about what you will see, about how much more you get out of life by getting up and going out.” Alexandra Heminsley, 38, author, Hove, UK.

Ann-Marie MacDonald on her book Adult Onset

“Answering the question why I love this book is, when it’s with reference to a book I’ve written, is extremely hard.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

DBC Pierre on his book Breakfast with the Borgias

“Why I love this book: it says something that I really, really want to say.” DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

Gary Shteyngart on his book Little failure

“Come for the words, and stay for the photographs. Or maybe the other way around.” Gary Shteyngart, 42, writer, United States.

Lisa Gardner on her book Touch & Go

“My favourite part of the writing process is research, and Touch & Go is no exception. In this case, the novel was inspired by a situation close to home.” Lisa Gardner, 43, author, Jackson, New Hampshire, USA.

Philipp Blom on his book Fracture

“It was a fascinating time for experiments, terrible political experiments, wonderful cultural experiments. and I tried to capture them.” Philipp Blom, 44, writer, Vienna.

Santa Montefiore on her book The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Santa Montefiore on het book The Beekeeper's Daughter

“It’s a big love story based in the war of England and on an island of Massachusetts.” Santa Montefiore, 44, author, London.

Sander Marsman on his book Dianna – ‘Every day is dressed up’

Sander Marsman over zijn boek Dianna - Every day is dressed up

“There’s also this kind of archive images, where she’s really looking for herself, for her identity, and that’s what you see when you see the pictures.” Sander Marsman, 32, photographer, Amsterdam.

Matthew Jobin on his book The nethergrim

Matthew Jobin over zijn boek De nedergrim

“When I was playing in the forrest, when I was about 14, I imagined other worlds in between the trees all around me. That was around the time I imagined the little village of Moorvale…” Matthew Jobin, 41, anthropologist, writer, East Palo Alto, USA.

Ece Temelkuran on her book The sound of bananas

Ece Temelkuran over haar boek Het geluid van bananen

“The title of the book might sound a little bit ridiculous, but actually bananas do have sounds.” Ece Temelkuran, 40, writer, Istanbul.