Owen Sheers over zijn boek Ik zag een man

“I think that in the process of writing a novel, you tend to fall in and out of love with your work a lot.” Owen Sheers, 41, schrijver, dichter, Talgarth (Wales).

Alexandra Heminsley on The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

“The book that I love more than any other in the last year, maybe in the last five or ten years, is The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.” Alexandra Heminsley, 38, author, Hove, UK.

John Boyne on Ancient light – John Banville

John Boyne over Ancient light - John Banville

“The great thing about A John Banville novel is that every sentence in it is always filled with original ideas, interesting images and not a word in there will ever be out of place.” John Boyne, 44, writer, Dublin.

DBC Pierre on The Memoirs of Casanova

“It is one of the most incredible descriptions of everyday life in the eighteenth century.” DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

Alexandra Heminsley on her book Running like a girl

“You’ve got a running book here about what you will see, about how much more you get out of life by getting up and going out.” Alexandra Heminsley, 38, author, Hove, UK.

Ann-Marie MacDonald on her book Adult Onset

“Answering the question why I love this book is, when it’s with reference to a book I’ve written, is extremely hard.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

DBC Pierre on his book Breakfast with the Borgias

“Why I love this book: it says something that I really, really want to say.” DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

Gary Shteyngart on his book Little failure

“Come for the words, and stay for the photographs. Or maybe the other way around.” Gary Shteyngart, 42, writer, United States.

Lisa Gardner on her book Touch & Go

“My favourite part of the writing process is research, and Touch & Go is no exception. In this case, the novel was inspired by a situation close to home.” Lisa Gardner, 43, author, Jackson, New Hampshire, USA.

Lisa Gardner on Cop Town – Karin Slaughter

“She does an excellent job of recreating a very historical moment of when a lot of minorities were joining the forces of the police.” Lisa Gardner, 43, author, Jackson, New Hampshire, USA.

Philipp Blom on The Sound of Things Falling – Juan Gabriel Vasquez

“And that past opens up a Columbian history of drugs and violence, and of people struggling to live normal lives and to still find a little corner of happiness.” Philipp Blom, 44, writer, Vienna.

Philipp Blom on his book Fracture

“It was a fascinating time for experiments, terrible political experiments, wonderful cultural experiments. and I tried to capture them.” Philipp Blom, 44, writer, Vienna.