Per Leo on his book Flood and Soil

“It was supposed to be a non-fiction book, but it turned out to be a piece of literature.” Per Leo, 43, writer, Berlin (DE).

Ann Marie MacDonald on Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

“Jane Eyre fired my child’s imagination at twelve and it has been an abiding source of literary and personal inspiration to this day.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

DBC Pierre on The Memoirs of Casanova

“It is one of the most incredible descriptions of everyday life in the eighteenth century.” DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

Gary Shteyngart on his book Little failure

“Come for the words, and stay for the photographs. Or maybe the other way around.” Gary Shteyngart, 42, writer, United States.

Philip Norman on his book Mick Jagger

Philip Norman over zijn boek Mick Jagger

‘The strange thing about Jagger is that he is not interested in the past. He wants to be cool and in the future. This is Mick Jagger the human.’ Philip Norman, 69, author, London.

Oliver Balch on his book India Rising

Oliver Balch on his book India Rising

“The book tries to explain that, tries to hesitating what is new about India and what’s old and how this transition is happening, how it’s affecting people’s lives, how their asperations are changing, how their visions on the future are changing.” Oliver Balch, 37, writer & student, Hay-on-Wye.

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry chronicles

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry Chronicles

“I managed after prison to pull myself together, do a bit of work, and get a scholarship to Cambridge. It’s a story really, about how I grew into becoming a television performer and writer, and the extraordinary amount of money I made by mistake…” Stephen Fry, 53, polymath, trader in words, entertainer, national embarrassment, London & Hollywood.