Justin Cronin on his The Passage series

“Just for the record, I called my daughter to answer the question. Her answer is that in her own writing, her brain gives her sad people and she tries to write them to comfort. I like that.” Justin Cronin, 54, writer, Texas (USA).

Paul Bühre over De naam van de wind – Patrick Rothfuss

“It’s great, I don’t know how to explain, but it’s really awesome. You just keep reading, you want to know how it goes on.” Paul Bühre, 16, scholier, Berlijn (Duitsland).

Matthew Jobin on his book The nethergrim

Matthew Jobin over zijn boek De nedergrim

“When I was playing in the forrest, when I was about 14, I imagined other worlds in between the trees all around me. That was around the time I imagined the little village of Moorvale…” Matthew Jobin, 41, anthropologist, writer, East Palo Alto, USA.

Jason on Killing Floor – Lee Child

Jason on Killing Floor - Lee Child

“When I go to bed, I want to escape from my hectic job, that’s what this book does to me. Another gain is that the author is a little bit psychic himself, which makes it more fun to read it.” Jason, 36, Managing director, Alva, Schotland.