Annegien van Doorn on her book In passing

“Why I loved making this book is because it shows a different perception of our everyday life.” Annegien van Doorn, 33, photographer, Amsterdam.

Veit on Mapping – Kim Boske & Erik de Jong

Veit over Mapping - Kim Boske en Erik de Jong

“I love this book, because I love Kim Boske, she’s a young artist. And I don’t love only this book, but I love her entire work.” Veit, 34, gallery manager & art historian, Berlin.

Sander Marsman on his book Dianna – ‘Every day is dressed up’

Sander Marsman over zijn boek Dianna - Every day is dressed up

“There’s also this kind of archive images, where she’s really looking for herself, for her identity, and that’s what you see when you see the pictures.” Sander Marsman, 32, photographer, Amsterdam.

Todd on The Dwarf Empire – Sanne de Wilde

Todd on The Dwarf Empire - Sanne de Wilde

“What I really like about this book is that the photographer is going and she’s spending a lot of time with this community.” Todd, 45, photographer & educator, San Francisco, California.

Martino Marangoni on his book Alone Together

Martino Marangoni over zijn boek Alone Together

“It is a autobiographical analysis of society in the contemporary world.” Martino Marangoni, 62, photographer, Firenze.