Justin Cronin on his The Passage series

“Just for the record, I called my daughter to answer the question. Her answer is that in her own writing, her brain gives her sad people and she tries to write them to comfort. I like that.” Justin Cronin, 54, writer, Texas (USA).

Robert Harris on his book Conclave

“I felt spiritually deepened by writing this book and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” Robert Harris, 59, writer, Kintbury (UK).

L.S. Hilton on her book Maestra

“It answers a really serious literary question: why should sociopaths have to be badly dressed? Sex, murder, shoes, it’s got the lot.” L.S. Hilton, 41, writer, London (UK).

Samuel Bjørk on his book The Owl

“The reason why I love this book is simple to explain: I have created characters that I really love, they are like family to me.” Samuel Bjørk, 46, writer, Norway.

DBC Pierre on his book Breakfast with the Borgias

“Why I love this book: it says something that I really, really want to say.” DBC Pierre, 53, writer, London.

Lisa Gardner on her book Touch & Go

“My favourite part of the writing process is research, and Touch & Go is no exception. In this case, the novel was inspired by a situation close to home.” Lisa Gardner, 43, author, Jackson, New Hampshire, USA.

Lisa Gardner on Cop Town – Karin Slaughter

“She does an excellent job of recreating a very historical moment of when a lot of minorities were joining the forces of the police.” Lisa Gardner, 43, author, Jackson, New Hampshire, USA.

Karin Slaughter on Catch Me – Lisa Gardner

Karen Slaughter on Catch Me - Lisa Gardner

“Lisa is a fantastic storyteller and I hope you will enjoy her books like I do.” Karin Slaughter, 42, writer, Atlanta.

Patrick Ness on his book The knife of never letting go (Chaos trilogy)

Patrick Ness over zijn boek Het mes dat niet wijkt

“I think you might love it, because it’s about a world where everybody can hear what everyone is thinking. All the time, whether you want to or not.” Patrick Ness, author, London.

Jason on Killing Floor – Lee Child

Jason on Killing Floor - Lee Child

“When I go to bed, I want to escape from my hectic job, that’s what this book does to me. Another gain is that the author is a little bit psychic himself, which makes it more fun to read it.” Jason, 36, Managing director, Alva, Schotland.