L.S. Hilton on Brideshead Revisited – Evelyn Waugh

“It’s about religion, it’s about aesthetics, it’s about love and it’s about tragedy.” L.S. Hilton, 41, writer, London (UK).

Ann Marie MacDonald on Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

“Jane Eyre fired my child’s imagination at twelve and it has been an abiding source of literary and personal inspiration to this day.” Ann-Marie MacDonald, 56, writer, Toronto.

John Boyne on Ancient light – John Banville

John Boyne over Ancient light - John Banville

“The great thing about A John Banville novel is that every sentence in it is always filled with original ideas, interesting images and not a word in there will ever be out of place.” John Boyne, 44, writer, Dublin.

Matthew Jobin on A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle

“It helped me form and understand how to write books for children that both speak to who they really are and take their mind to places they have never been.” Matthew Jobin, 41, anthropologist, writer, East Palo Alto, USA.

Adam Johnson on Libra – Don Delillo

Adam Johnson on Libra - Don Delillo

“His languages is shifting perspectives and his unbelievable leaps of imagination, let me know that I can do anything as a writer.” Adam Johnson, 44 jaar, professor at Stanford University, San Fransisco, USA.

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry chronicles

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry Chronicles

“I managed after prison to pull myself together, do a bit of work, and get a scholarship to Cambridge. It’s a story really, about how I grew into becoming a television performer and writer, and the extraordinary amount of money I made by mistake…” Stephen Fry, 53, polymath, trader in words, entertainer, national embarrassment, London & Hollywood.