Karin Slaughter on Catch Me – Lisa Gardner

"Lisa is a fantastic storyteller and I hope you will enjoy her books like I do." Karin Slaughter, 42, writer, Atlanta.

Jonas Jonasson on his book The Centenarian Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared

“It is a feel-good book. And my experience is that people do prefer to feel good. It is a slightly intelligent, very humoristic book.” Jonas Jonasson, full-time father, part-time writer, 50 years old, Gotland, Sweden.

Sarah Winman on her book When God Was A Rabbit

“I wanted to write a lovestory between a brother and sister. That interested me. ” Sarah Winman is actress & author, 47 years old and lives in London.

John Boyne on his book The Absolutist

“And I wondered about what it was like for the families back home, when they would lose their son in a war, and their sacrifice would not be remembered or honoured in some way.” John Boyne, author, 40, Dublin.

Stephen Fry on Ulysses – James Joyce…

“I'll tell you the book I have chosen as my favourite book. And it may make some people's heart sink, because it is associated with difficulty, where in fact it should be associated with joy...” Stephen Fry, 53, polymath, trader in words, entertainer, national embarrassment,  London & Hollywood.

Stephen Fry on his book The Fry chronicles

“I managed after prison to pull myself together, do a bit of work, and get a scholarship to Cambridge. It's a story really, about how I grew into becoming a television performer and writer, and the extraordinary amount of money I made by mistake...” Stephen Fry, 53, polymath, trader in words, entertainer, national embarrassment, London & Hollywood.