Kirsty Gunn on her book The Big Music

"It took me seven years to write my book. It took me seven years to find out the answers to these questions. Who was the baby? What was this man's relation to this baby?" Kirsty Gunn, Writer, Edinburgh/London.

Oliver Balch on his book India Rising

"The book tries to explain that, tries to hesitating what is new about India and what's old and how this transition is happening, how it's affecting people's lives, how their asperations are changing, how their visions on the future are changing." Oliver Balch, 37, writer & student, Hay-on-Wye.

Jason on Killing Floor – Lee Child

"When I go to bed, I want to escape from my hectic job, that's what this book does to me. Another gain is that the author is a little bit psychic himself, which makes it more fun to read it." Jason, 36, Managing director, Alva, Schotland.

Paul on The dark tower series – Stephen King

"It's an epic, but it's someting that you find that you can't put down. It keeps you hooked all the way till the end." Paul, 31, Project Manager, Londen, England.

Edinburgh International Book Festival.

We have been to Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Fringe Festival. And we had a wonderful time. Not just enjoying the festival, we've been quite busy, making one-minute bookreview videos with the guest and writers there.